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Our Partners

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KYWA (Korea Youth Work Agency)

  • Goal of Establishment

    KYWA aims to contribute to improving the quality of life of youth by comprehensively supporting activities necessary for their balanced growth.
  • Main Features

    • Activation of various and creative activities of the youth
    • Development, provision, evaluation and pilot operation of youth activity programs.
    • Comprehensive management and supply of information required in youth development.
    • Support, control and evaluation for connection among youth-related institutions and facilities.
    • Maintaining, managing and operating the commitment of youth training facilities established by state and local governments.
    • Developing and training youth leaders and promoting their exchange.
    • Promoting and supporting the exchanges of overseas and domestic youth.
    • Supporting youth volunteers and the activation of its participation and right enhancement.
    • Operation and Support of National Youth Congress, Youth Activity Accreditation System, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award & The Reward System for Youth Self-Challenge, Youth After-School Activities, Youth Program Contests, Youth Playground & Club Activities and events for "National Youth Day".
    • Support comprehensive safety and hygiene inspection for youth facilities, and consult and promote safety-related issues.
    • Provide consulting and training (service) on registering youth training activity plans involving accomodation-required programs.
    • In addition, business required for conducting the object of Korea Youth Work Agency or designated by the minister of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

AUN (ASEAN University Network)

  • Objectives

    • To provide a platform for discussion on policy development for ASEAN higher education
    • To strengthen existing network of cooperation among universities in ASEAN
    • To promote collaborative study, research and educational programs on the priority areas identified by ASEAN
    • To promote cooperation and solidarity among scholars, academicians and researchers in the Member States
  • Key Strategic Areas

    • Advancements in Curriculum and Learning Approaches
    • Quality Enhancement with AUN-QA
    • Students’ Skill Enhancement, Cross-border Exposure and Experience
    • Research and Academic Collaboration
    • University Networking Platform

KEPA (Korean Educational Psychology Association)

  • Goal of Establishment

    KEPA serves to contribute to the development of education in Korea through interaction with members who are interested in educsation. KEPA will continue to provide help for all instructors, parents, and students engaging in the field of ‘educatinon’, and establish adequate educational environment in the Korean society.
  • Main Features

    • Holding symposiums, academic conferences
    • Publishing academic journals and specialized materials
    • Conducting research and applying psychological theories to prevent issues in school grounds
    • Promoting interest/awareness in educational psychology with specialists and professionals
    • External cooperation
    • Implementing fiduciary research projects
    • Certificate of Education Psychology Management and Training
    • Providing consulting services in the field of ‘Educational Psychology’
    • Promoting information exchange among professionals and citizens in order to improve overall education in Korea and to organize open discussions.