Objectives & Background

Objectives & Background

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  • To promote youth exchanges between ASEAN and Korea by forming solidarity and friendly relationships

  • To develop global leadership of youths through thematic activities and exchanges of shared views and opinions among youths from 11 countries

  • To provide youths with the opportunity to make a contribution to the development of the ASEAN-Korean community by exploring a common agenda and drawing cooperative measures​

  • To deliver on the plan in an effort to regularize the Youth Summit as the representative international youth event for ASEAN-Korean youths


  • 01

    The need to promote exchanges in the youth sector has emerged as a result of strengthened cooperation between ASEAN and the ROK, including the implementation of the New Southern Policy since 2017

  • 02

    Emphasis of participation and cooperation in the field of youth under Article 26 of Co-Chairs’ Statement of the 2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit (Article 26 acknowledges that ASEAN and the ROK continue youth exchanges, strengthening youth cooperation)

  • 03

    Establishing online events as an alternative to holding offline events due to the COVID-19 situation

Progress of ASEAN-KOREA Youth Summit

In 2021

In addition to the Summit, various Linked Programs were held throughout the year. the scale of the project was expanded and consequently, it contributed to the development of relationship between ASEAN-Korea Youths.

  • Main Theme

    Inclusion and Integration for the ASEAN-Korea Community

  • Number of Participants

    Total 100 participants [90 participants (ASEAN 9 countries) + 10 participants (Korea)]

  • Date

    10 (Tue.) ~ 13 (Fri.) August 2021

  • Linked Programs

    Character Design Contest, Voice of Youths (4 times), Bridging Program

In 2020

In the midst of the spread of the Covid-19 infection, The 1st ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit was held as the largest online international exchange event in Korea.

  • Main Theme

    Togetherness of ASEAN-Korean Youth, for the future of ASEAN-Korea Community

  • Number of Participants

    Total 110 participants [100 participants (ASEAN 10 countries) + 10 participants (Korea)]

  • Date

    25 (Wed.) ~ 27 (Fri.) November 2020